Super Negin Saffron 5 grams (0.17 oz)

General Description
Info Identification Afghanistan Saffron in terms of quality has been named as the world’s best by the International Taste and Quality.

Afghanistan’s saffron, based on its organic nature. is better than other saffron in the world.

Product Name
Place of Cultivation Afghanistan
Product Company ECEP HAN Trading LLC
Trademark Harir Saffron
Packed ECEP HAN International General Trading LLC
Compound Classification 100% Organic
Info Identification
Grade A+ (Although standards calculate up to A grade. but our saffron quality indicator values are way above A grade)
Picrocrocin (Flavor) 108+ (ISO standards for grade A is 70)
Safranal (Aroma) 36+ (ISO standard for grade A is 20)
Crocin (Colour) 268+ (ISO standard for grade A is 200)
Coloring No artificial coloring agent added
Corm Extra Long
Purity 100% purity is guaranteed
Land Cultivated Herat soil which rich in calcium and high content of organic matter


Info Identification
Flammability Will ignite if overheated. Keep away from heat. Keep away from sources of ignition, Ground all equipment containing material. Do not breathe dust.
Storage Keep container rightly closed. Keep container in a cool, well-ventilated area.
Corrosivity Non-corrosive in presence of glass.
Polymerization Will not occur.
Toxicity of the Products of Biodegradation The product itself and its products of degradation are not toxic.
Nutrition Facts
Info Identification for 100 grams
Energy 310.246 kcal
Carbohydrates 63.37 g
Fat 5.85 g
Protein 11.432 g
Calcium, Ca 110.9 mg
Copper, Cu 0.328 mg
Folate 93 mcg
Iron, Fe 11,1 mg
Magnesium, Mg 246 mg
Manganese, Mn 28.408 mg
Niacin 1.46 mg
Phosphorus, P 252.1 mg
Potassium, K 1724 mg
Riboflavin 0.267 mg
Selenium, Se 5,6 mcg
Sodium, Na 148.2 mg
Thiamin 0.115 mg
Vitamin A, IU 530 IU
Vitamin A, RE 53 mcg_RE
Vitamin B-6 1.3 mg
Vitamin C, ascorbic acid 80.8 mg
Vitamin E 1.69 mg_ATE
Water 11.898 g
Zinc, Zn 1.09 mg