Why we started…

Afghanistan, a land of beauty and originality, has suffered the consequence of protracted conflicts and war. Still, as it is said with every hardship, there is ease, recently the poor, yet the courageous people of this land have found a gold mine; red gold of beauty, fragrance, and aroma.
Prolonged conflict has kept away the people of Afghanistan from the fast changing globalized business environment and from reaching the global markets to get the uses of their gold and share the benefits with the fellow world citizens.
Harir Saffron started its business as the bridge between disadvantaged farmers of Afghanistan and good citizens of the world to share nature’s beautiful gift and bring them closer. We thus take care of our customers and our vendors at the same time.
We trade for good; hear, speak, and communicate for good.


The Saffron Tea I had in your office was just out of this world. I never experienced such tastier Saffron in my whole life.
Fawad Sakhi
Civil Engineer
Harir Saffron give a pleasant aroma, color, and taste to the food I cook and my costumers are loving it.
Khwaja Sediqi
Restaurant Chef
Since I first used Harir Saffron at my Cafe, I never tried to contact any other brand, the quality of Harir Saffron and the professionalism of Harir team won't let me.
Cafe Owner