It was a sunny fall day, and I was reading John Joseph Mearsheimer’s Great Delusion when my phone rang. It was him; Nikmal (Mr. Mazary).
Pack your bags bro, he said with a determined voice; we are starting Saffron business, he continued.
He is my best friend, and I know how he is, so I agreed without asking too many questions. The next day I was on a flight to Herat.
As simple as it may seem, I started contacting my Herat friends, and within a week, we were done with business planning and detailing.
It has been almost 90 days since I got that call. With our team’s dedication and determination in Afghanistan and worldwide, we are on the best Saffron Brands in the spice business world.
The main aim of this business is to help our countrymen, said Nikmal on starting days.
Since I consider myself a community activist, I am delighted to work on the project, and as far as I see it, we are helping people.
I hope you will join us in helping disadvantaged farmers of Afghanistan.

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