Hello, and thank you for visiting our weblog. I am Nikmal Abdullah Mazary, CEO of ECEP HAN International companies which owns the Harir Brand.
I am delightful to announce that Harir Saffron is now a Registered Trademark TM and a brand with the primary goal of supporting Afghan farmers, who, due to conflicts, are disconnected from the business world. We are trying to be the bridge between disadvantaged Afghan farmers, and the demand international markets have worldwide.
I a recent visit to Herat-Afghanistan, I visited some local farmers who were working with our brands. They were pleased about how our employees were helping them have this unique spice packed in international standards, and they loved business with Harir Saffron TM, according to them, was a reliable way to get returns of their whole year’s hard work.
I am very grateful to God for choosing us to be an instrument of helping our countrymen.

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